Biconomy SDK

Wallet Contracts

Here you will find explanations and deep dives into each one of the core contracts. Have a look around and learn more about the magic that happens under the hood!

Smart Contract Wallet

Smart Contract Wallets vs EOA :
All Biconomy Smart Accounts are EIP1167 proxies that delegate to a common implementation contract. Core Contracts: BaseSmartWallet.sol Abstract contract that implements IWallet Interface WalletFactory.sol Contract responsible for deploying smart wallets using create2 and create Has a method to compute counter factual wallet of the address before deploying
function deployCounterFactualWallet(address _owner, address _entryPoint, address _handler, uint _index) public returns(address proxy)
salt consists of _owner and _index. _entryPoint and _handler are required to init the wallet. (contest bonus : showcase any potential front running in wallet deployment)
SmartWallet.sol Inherits from BaseSmartWallet and bunch of contracts from below
Gnosis Safe module manager
Manages hooks to react to receiving tokens