Biconomy SDK

Register dApp on Dashboard & Fund Gas Tank

NOTE: The dashboard is not live yet and will be launching soon. Meanwhile, to enable Gasless transactions please reach out to us.
Please follow these steps to register your dApp on the Biconomy dashboard & fund the paymaster:
  1. 1.
    You can register a dApp just by using a dApp name and network on which the dApp is deployed.
    • Login to Biconomy Dashboard.
    • On the Home page, click on “Register” and a pop-up will open.
    • Enter your dApp Name and select a network.
    • Click “Create” to register your dApp.
  2. 2.
    After dApp creation, you’ll have an API Key generated. Copy the value as you’ll be needing it when you integrate Biconomy SDK in your dApp.
3. Now whitelist your contracts & methods, the calls to which you want to make gasless. Please note if you do not specify a method for a whitelisted contract, then all the methods of that contract are treated as whitelisted.
4. In order to prevent misuse of your funds by dApp users, the dashboard provides a limit feature. You can set the target limit for each case, which will define how these limits will be applied. You can apply limits 'per dApp', 'per User' or 'per API'.
5. Connect Your Wallet which you will use to fund the Paymaster. Please note that you can withdraw funds from the Paymaster via this account only. You will also be requested to sign a dummy message so that we can enable secure signature verification
6. Add funds to the Paymaster dashboard to sponsor gas for your users.